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DTD Episode 7: Jack of all Trades Master of Many? post image

DTD Podcast 7 - Jack of all Trades Master of Many? - It's often been said that being a Jack of all Trades is a bad thing. Why? Because you are not a master of anything and when you are in a corporate structure, you have to be skilled in a particular area in order to get hired for that job. However, being a Jack of all Trades is not necessarily a bad thing as my think. In fact it can help open your mind to new ideas and discover your true passions in life!


Drawing Fundamentals: Understanding the Radius post image

This week we will be covering how to understand the radius when we draw and how to break it's components down using a cube.  Drawing Fundamentals will help you understand more of the "why" certain techniques in drawing can be executed due to fundamentals.   It sounds simple enough and it basically is.  However drawing complicated [...]