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DTD Episode 7: Jack of all Trades Master of Many? post image

DTD Podcast 7 - Jack of all Trades Master of Many? - It's often been said that being a Jack of all Trades is a bad thing. Why? Because you are not a master of anything and when you are in a corporate structure, you have to be skilled in a particular area in order to get hired for that job. However, being a Jack of all Trades is not necessarily a bad thing as my think. In fact it can help open your mind to new ideas and discover your true passions in life!


Freehand Sketching – Sketching a World War 2 Spitfire post image

If you want to excel in your approach to drawing, then expand your subject matter.  Driven to Draw does not aim at making you into a professional but it aims at helping you to sharpen your mind through the act of drawing and exercises drawing different subject matter. Difficulties in drawing a plane typically arises [...]