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DTD Episode 6: The 5 Stages of Creativity for Product Development! post image

DTD Podcast 6 - The 5 Stages of Creativity - Lacking in Creativity? I have the solution and it comes in 5 steps! Creativity is an illusive subject because many people talk about it but have no idea HOW or WHEN they can implement creativity. However, when people think of creativity, what comes to mind are colorful illustrations, paintings, musicians, etc.. Creativity is a process however, and a process in which you are trying to solve a particular problem. This process can be cultivated into your lifestyle and guide the way you think.


Sketching Epic Moments in Sports post image

Remember that feeling of pride and excitement when your home team wins a national tournament in football, basketball, baseball, or soccer?  Crowds cheering, You’re screaming at the top of your lungs, high fiving your friends and giving everyone you know a hug in celebration of an EPIC win! Those images can be engraved in your