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About Arvind from Driven to Draw

Hi there! I’m Arvind and I’m here to teach you how to follow your passion to draw! I believe that everyone has a little bit of creativity in them and all it takes is a little inner drive to “UNLEASH THE ARTIST WITHIN!”

Drawing and visual thinking can truly enable you to bring about terrific ideas whether you are interested in developing your talents professionally or just as a serious hobby to learn something new. Either way, I’m here to help you get the job done!


Learning to draw is a phenomenal way to develop the right side of your brain and to enjoy a different perspective on how you see the world.  I was never the best at drawing. I had an early aptitude when I was younger but I simply never developed it.  I worked at it until I achieved the results I was looking for and chances are, people like you struggled as well and simply looking for a way to start drawing and be creative.

So who wouldn’t want to be more creative? Driven to Draw was launched to widen the scope of visual thinking and creative problem solving through drawing.  It’s billed as the “Leonardo Da Vinci” approach to life.  Constantly learning and expanding ones capability.  To do this, one has to improve their core foundation skills…the KEY skills to helping your sketches of the future achieve the PROFESSIONAL look!

The goal would be to encourage not only college students but working professionals seeking to broaden their perspective by acquiring artistic skill sets .  Though most of the videos are centered around one of the most difficult subjects to master which is the automotive sector, I’ll be covering several other transportation related topics such as planes, trains, automobiles, still life, product design, and visual ideation.

In addition to the fundamentals, I’ll help you to not only use traditional tools but also transition to digital mediums as well.

Developing a skill and being good at it takes a lot of hard work. If you are prepared for the hard work, you WILL see the results. I believe in paying forward and helping to educate others to bring about their “A” game! Passionate people loving what they do will undoubtedly make the difference in the speed of their development!


I have been working in the automotive industry for over 18 years. After working in an automotive interiors design studio, I switched to engineering to develop my technical expertise in manufacturing to better understand the balance between design and engineering. I cultivated my love for automotive design and illustration during this time period as I was curious to see how far I could take my talent forward.

During that journey I developed another passion which was to teach! I enjoyed sharing my knowledge as I wanted other people to believe they too could accomplish what they perceive to be unattainable.

After learning to draw, sketch and paint, I started to apply artistic expression into my engineering job.  Whether it was creating a visual timeline that was beautifully laid out or sketching designs to help my designers and engineers visualize solutions better, I realized this was all a by-product of my passion to draw.  I simply became more creative and re-purposed the skill to apply it in other areas.

My blog actually started off in 2010 as “Driven Mavens” meaning “Driven experts(mavens) willing to share their knowledge with others.” It was basically a “mindset” taught to help people “drive” for self improvement and results in visual thinking.

In 2012, the auto industry started to explode globally and colleges were offering automotive design courses at their university.  To help in bringing top quality education in the field of art and design, I developed my first DVD course, “How to Draw Cars Now:Analog vs Digital Drawing Techniques” that was modeled with drawing techniques that were taught at some of the finest private design schools in the country.  It was funded on Kickstarter in 2012.

Oddly enough, it was not only students that purchased the DVD but architects, designers, engineers, financial analysts, and other working professionals ended up purchasing it.  Amazon ratings and customer reviews stands at almost 5 stars with several people telling me that I either unlocked talents they never thought they had, or improved upon their existing skills in drawing.
For others, it was simply revisiting a childhood passion or stress reliever, to draw wicked cars of their own design.

So if you are ready to learn something new and discover your hidden potential, then let’s do this together!

Sharpen your pencils and get ready to enjoy the ride!

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