DTD Episode 5: Broadening your Creative Outlet with John Bleau

DTD Episode 5: Broadening your Creative Outlet with John Bleau

Hey Folks! Today we have a very special guest.  I thought it would be important to get a different perspective about art, design, and expanding your creativity.  There are several people out there that have fantastic skills and some people know how to use them in different ways.  Product Designer, John Bleau, is one of these people.  A graduate of College for Creative Studies, John talks about the path to becoming a designer and the journey to discover and broaden his creative outlet.

John is incredibly easy to relate too.  You’ll find that all well accomplished designers have had the same sort of struggles that many of you face right now.

Key Podcast Topics:

  •   Experiences and drawing interests from childhood
  •   Influence of Star Wars and Joe Johnson sketches
  •   From Engineering to Design School
  •   Dealing with the competition at College for Creative Studies
  •   Overcoming the struggles in class
  •   Using the competition to fuel your passion to excel
  •   The advantages of learning other disciplines and the impact on one’s perspective
  •   Choosing Product Design
  •   Creative Concepts for the Autoshow
  •   Working for Visionary companies that foster cross functional relationships between Design, Engineering, and Model Making
  •   Finding a New Creative Outlet Beyond Work/Giving back to the Community!
  •   Getting into Comic Books!
  •   Working with Kids and the benefits of leveraging their Creativity.
  •   Creating a unique SUPER COW Comic Book!
  •   Process of creating the comic book with kids
  •   Benefits of Drawing and Unexpected Success
  •   Drawing as a communication Tool
  •   John’s Advice for people that want to get started in Drawing

Key Links:

John’s Blog is located at: http://www.troopertree.com/

7 FREE Ebooks are available from John’s site, http://www.troopertree.com/new-page-2/

John’s Inspiration in Collegehttp://www.joejohnstonsketchbook.com/

Sample of Johns awesome work!

IMG-20120812-00844 jam 2 Bedtime4 bedtime2 download (1)  21 9_11-page-1-flatOP older-mouse-Copy-op  monsters-new5-1


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