Freehand Sketching a Porsche 911 3 Quarter Front View

Freehand Sketching a Porsche 911 3 Quarter Front View

Here comes the Sharpie Markers again! The sharpie markers are one of the most economical markers you can purchase and enjoy using.  I have found that you will need to use either marker paper or laser paper that will help to prevent marker bleed.  If you can work fast, you can also prevent the markers from bleeding to the back of the paper and having it make a mark on your desk!  Believe me…it’s a pain to get it off so be sure you put some spare sheets of paper underneath your primary sketch paper.

In anycase, here we go.  Hope you enjoy the demo.

Sketch Notes:

1.  Sharpie Marker
2.  Laser Paper
3.  Layout the proportions first using a 2.5 length Wheel Base. Be sure to project the ellipses out in space
4.  Work quickly using fast and quick strokes.

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