Full Narrated Tutorial: Detail Sketching with a Ball Point Pen

Full Narrated Tutorial: Detail Sketching with a Ball Point Pen

The last sketch was created with a  #bicballpointpen.  During this tutorial I’ll sketch a 3/4 view of a car…or at least a partial car.  I’ll put my primary focus on the front end where I draw the headlamps and fog lamp areas making sure I add some sections in these areas.

I won’t finish the entire sketch as the primary purpose is to just get into certain details of the car.  When you work on particular sections, you’ll find it is easier to dissect  and understand the surfaces the having to rationalize the surfaces for the entire vehicle.

Some of this really ends up serving as “brain” teasers as your brain initially starts to struggle with the form of surfaces and how they must transition to other surfaces.  For this reason, working on one section at a time helps you to understand it better.

Sketch Notes:

1.  Bic Ball Point Pen
2.  Pay attention to form construction
3.  Start laying details.
4.  Ignore my coughs and the constant annoying clearing of my throat as I have a cold 😉

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