Full Narrated Tutorial: Freehand Sketching a Porsche 911 Ball Point Pen

Full Narrated Tutorial: Freehand Sketching a Porsche 911 Ball Point Pen

I’ve had a lot of requests for ball point pen sketching so I decided to oblige and and sketch a #porsche911 with a #bicballpointpen.  This is a full blown tutorial that starts and ends in real time.

I chose the Porsche because it’s a beautifully timeless car with somewhat easy forms to draw.  However most of the tutorial will be centered around the basic construction and then how to build your shape by first constructing a rectangular box and how to flesh out your shape.  This is all very important when setting up your perspective, proportion, and accuracy when drawing just about anything.  Doesn’t have to be car related.

In anycase, here we go.  Hope you enjoy the demo.

Sketch Notes:

1.  Bic Ball Point Pen
2.  Pay attention to the line weight and construction by laying in your foundation lines(box, ellipses, beltline, curves)
3.  Layout the proportions first using a 2.5 length Wheel Base. Be sure to project the ellipses out in space
4.  Work quickly using fast and quick strokes

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