Thanks for joining and welcome to Value Sketching 1.  This is the 1st video in the series of value sketching that teaches you how to describe 3 dimensional forms, focal points, and compositions through the use of a value range.  What is a value range? Well a value range is how light and dark a particular color or shade is. For example, if we are using black;  The range in value would be the shades between white and black. This would generally mean a series of grey.

We use the shift in value to describe 3 dimensional forms, or in this video tutorial, creating a focal point with varying line weights.  In the future we will also get into color and how to interpret the range in value for a particular hue and its saturation.  It is always important to start with the basics and fundamentals before moving into the more complex ideas.  Mastering the basics is key to your understanding and development of drawing. So without further delay.

Download the PDF file and watch  the video below and let us know if this helps in your understanding of value sketching!


[vimeo width=”720″ height=”540″][/vimeo]