How to Sketch and Design – Car Sketch Top 3/4 View

How to Sketch and Design – Car Sketch Top 3/4 View

To get over your fears of drawing in general, you have to learn to tackle the areas of drawing that cause you the most difficulty. This means sketching views that you are most uncomfortable for you. Top 3/4 views are tough views to sketch…and I find that in the past I used to avoid them. Even now they make me a little nervous but if you tackle those fears, you’ll find that in time, you’ll be able to conquer them and come out on top. Hope you enjoy the demo.

Sketch Notes:

1.  Sharpie Marker or Marks A Lot
2.  Newsprint Paper
3.  Layout the proportions by using the “box” method so you can understand the perspective view
4.  Work quickly using fast and quick strokes.
5.  Layout your basic shapes and flesh out the details.

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