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Due to several requests to put up some of my art work for sale, I figured, I might as well as long there is some demand for it.  However, it was important to create a special medium and format that was unique on its own then just the typical print.

As a result….I introduce our first Vintage Grand Prix Race Car Series 1 in METALLIC FORMAT!!

I have been selling these bad boys to friends and other colleagues at work.  However, it got a little tedious handling each order individually so I decided to take it online!

I promise!  You will not be disappointed with the quality of these prints!  They are definitely unlike any other you have seen.  Metallic format definitely brings out new life, energy, and adds to the emotional factor of the image!  Rich saturated colors pop out more, higher contrast, and a beautiful metallic sheen covers the entire painting! What more could you ask  for automotive art?

In addition to that, each print is shipped  flat, not rolled up!  It’s protected with a cardboard backing, in a plastic sheet and padding, AND put in a  shipping box. I believe that anyone spending money on anything art related should feel they are receiving something unique and special. So whether you plan to frame it now or later, you can leave it in the box worry free!

Check out the comments below from our customers!

“The pictures are phenomenal ! I especially like the metallic treatment on the pictures. It takes great pictures and gives them a whole new life. I bought three pictures and have them in my office. I get complements at least once a week. I plan on buying more of the new series.  Trust me… won’t be disappointed. – Bob”

Want to know what Bob bought?

1.  1957 Cuban Grand Prix Jaguar D-Type

2.  1957 Monaco Grand Prix Maserati

3.  1960 Monaco Grand Prix Race Finish Line

“When I saw this print online I was blown away by the art work, but was not sure how the actual prints would turn out. I have to say what you see on this site is what you get and way more! The beautiful metallic finish just lends itself to the vintage feel of the picture. And what’s more my daughter has some beautiful art she can truly call her own because the car has her birth date on it! – Renu”

Want to know what Renu bought?

1.  1957 Monaco Grand Prix Maserati

“Hi Arvind,
Just received the prints and all I can say is they are stunning. Keep up the good work. Dan- PDX Car Culture”

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