Nissan 370z Car Designer Marker Rendering

Nissan 370z Car Designer Marker Rendering

Last time, I had completed a 370Z sketch.  This time around we’re going to create a quick marker rendering.  These “quick” renderings are known as marker tests.  The objective is to test out the various hues to understand which colors work or don’t work.

The other thing you may want to consider is making a photocopy of your drawing so you can experiment with using markers.  Later on I’ll be creating a “tighter” rendering

Japanese aesthetics are quite a bit different from all the other brands.  They have a sort of sophistication and sharpness about their design that reflect a sort of “samurai-isc” aesthetic.  I am often reminded of samurai swords when I see their character lines in certain cars.

The Nissan 370Z  has evolved quite a bit from it’s previous years with significant changes to the front fascia, headlamps, and pillars.  Now more in line with the Nissan GTR aesthetic, Nissan continues to refine their design language in the sports car arena.

Without further delay…check out the video below for the sketch.  Enjoy!

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