With so many requests for information ranging from tools of the trade, premium videos, and advise, I decided to create this resources page that will tackle all your needs.

As the blog progresses, I will be sure to update it with further requests. Be sure to bookmark this page as it will be convenient for you to find in the future. Hope this information helps!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links. As a result, I will receive a commission if you choose to make a purchase. Understand that I would never recommend a product that I did not use or did not purchase myself. All products that I recommend may be featured in a video. If a product is on my list, I feel that it can only help further your education and benefit you as you pursue your goals to become awesome at drawing!

My Most Recommended

If there is anything that I can suggest that is a MUST have if you are SERIOUS about developing your skills in drawing and visual thinking, then these items below would definitely be ones your should consider. Bear in mind that developing a skill set takes a lot of effort and hard work and often times there is no easy route. However, the teaching methods and clarity of concepts in some of the products that I have outlined below can really help your understanding of difficult material.

Other items may consists of tools such as pencils, markers, pens, papers, and other mediums.


Tools of the Trade:

Book Recommendations:

Conceptual Art and Design

Industrial Design:

Hot Rod Design/Automotive

 Color and Light Theory:

Fine Art and Illustration: