Sketching – 2013 Dodge Viper on Vellum Paper

Sketching – 2013 Dodge Viper on Vellum Paper

After drawing a few loose and quick sketches, I might add that it is fun to just go all out and draw some detailed prismacolor sketches.  I decided to choose a 2013 Dodge Viper!  Stunning and brutally powerful car that it is, I felt it necessary to draw a fish eye view of the car.

I used a photo reference for this particular video to familiarize myself with the shape and the view of the Viper.  When you start off drawing, it’s all about getting the right proportion down and organizing all the major shapes in the right place.  This is tough to do if you are just starting off as you may not have developed your mind to “see” all these major shapes.

So what are the major shapes?

1.  The windshield

2. The front hood

3. The headlamps

4. Shape of the grill graphic

5. All the little details that come a long with it.

If you are a novice, I strongly suggest placing a grid subdivided by  1 inch x 1 inch squares over a color copy of your picture (or create a grid using Photoshop or something similar like GIMP).  You can then transfer this same grid on the sheet of paper you are drawing on.

You do this so you can define each shape that lies within each 1X1 inch square.  This grid also provides the means to measure the proportions or placement of details.  Drawing it the way I have done takes some time and practice to observe and then replicate the image on paper.

The coolest part about this is the fact that it’s a wonderful exercise for your brain to rationalize the image.  Watch the video and please provide some comments of what you think,.

If you have any questions at all, please comment below.   I’d be glad to answer them.

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