Sketching: Sketching a Luxury Mercedes Sports Coupe with Sections

Sketching a Luxury Mercedes Sports Coupe with Sections

Sketching a Luxury Mercedes Sports Coupe with Sections can be a challenge but this video should help you get a head start!  Before we get into that, let me just say one thing.  Summer is finally winding down and I have to say it’s depressing…but not as depressing if you have to go back to school or something like that 🙂  As a family man with a full time job, summer is the time to have fun, take a break from work, blogging, drawing, and take the family out on some vacation.

However, now is the time to get back to work.  Just bear in mind that this particular drawing is going to be a little rusty.  Though I am a strong advocate of practicing, I’ve barely touched a pencil, marker, or digital tools in a while so it’s going to be a little painful getting back into the groove.

So we kick off with a quick line sketch.  No shading or anything, just a line sketch of a Mercedes sports coupe created with sections.  Sections are really important to understand in that it will help you to describe your form.  Try to  experiment with the sections you are creating.  This particular example was created off of another sketch I had created earlier and used it as an underlay.

Check out the video and let me know what you think.  Don’t be afraid to comment!

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