Sketching with Markers: Sketching a Top View Ford GT

Sketching a Top View Ford GT

I’m going to be sketching a Top View Ford GT  for  this demo.  Top views are a challenge.  Very hard to understand how to foreshorten wheels from a plan view.  The ellipses are really thin…around a 30 degree ellipse.  So the challenge for me was to be able to make sure the angle of the “box” for this view was correct.

What I did for this demo was to take one of my favorite 1:18 scale Ford GT models and shoot several pictures and use them as a photo reference.  Like drawing any other object, it is important to understand the proportions for each car you are drawing.

That’s what I did for the Ford GT starting with the wheel base.  Once I establish the wheel base, I proceed with going with sketching the rest of the car such as identifying where the doors are and the roof line and so on.


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