Sketching: Sketching Cars with a Brush Pen

Sketching Cars with a Brush Pen

Here is another sketchup using the Pentel Brush Pen.  I previously used this on a post it note sketch and decided to try my hand on a larger drawing.  As I mentioned before, the pen is incredibly smooth! In fact it’s so smooth and friction-less that it feels like you’re sketching on AIR!

That could pose some problems for people as I generally like to feel the friction between the paper and the pen.  However, this was a lot of fun to experiment with.  The pentel brush pen is a MUST HAVE if you like to experiment with different mediums and it comes with a couple of ink cartridges.  Ink dispenses consistently without blotting. With some decent amount of practice, you can really make some of your sketches look very dynamic.

Sketch Notes:

1.  Pentel Brush Pen
2.  Experiment on Post-it-Notes first before working on a larger sheet.
3.  Practice applying varying pressure to get more consistent thick to thin lines.

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