Sketching with Markers: Sharpie Express! Hot Convertables!

Sketching with Markers: Sharpie Express! Hot Convertables!

I got these new set of sharpie markers at the store a couple weeks ago and decided to put them to some good use.  The funny thing is most people hate to draw with sharpies or I should say dislike sketching with them…especially if you are a beginner.  However there is a certain charm factor when drawing with sharpies and forcing yourself to strive for accuracy.

Sharpie markers are awesome for sketching.  It takes a little while to get used to using a sharpie marker because if you don’t work quickly, they tend to bleed and make these blotch marks all over your paper.  So the trick is to work quickly building your construction lines as you go through “building” your sketch.

You’ll see comic book artists, designers, and all sorts of creative people using sharpies as a medium to visually communicate an idea.  It has that bold, solid, and saturated line quality that is unmistakable and when using the Hammermill 28Ib Laser paper, it just glides right through.  It’s an awesome feeling.

Check out the video and let me know what you think and give it a try.  We’ll see you here next time.

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