Sketching with Markers: Tough Lookin Truck with Sharpies

Sketching with Markers: Tough Lookin Truck with Sharpies

What do you think defines a “Tough” looking truck?  What comes to mind when you define a truck?  You have to ensure that first off, the truck meets criteria from an engineering standpoint.  Has the optimal towing capacity and strength to haul heavy equipment around.  It’s sort of emphasizes or extends a persons persona when they buy a truck.  They feel tough …like a truck.

When designing trucks, you won’t necessarily create this swooping aerodynamic shape because it may not appeal to the demographic.  It’s not the same as a sports car where looking sleek and fast is the main intent.

If you look at commercials, they are always in a setting where the trucks climb mountains and go through rough terrain.  It’s expected and brings confidence to the buyer that he/she is investing in a truck that can handle the abuse their buying the truck for.

Check out the video and let me know what you think and give it a try.  We’ll see you here next time.

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